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Operational Technology

In addition to our expertise in PLC control, SCADA and HMI systems, Servo and Motion control teknik and Weight and Process Technology, we also offer Operational Technology, also known as OT-Security.

What is OT-Security and why is it important?

​OT-Security refers to IT systems and networks used for controlling and monitoring physical processes, thereby protecting the physical produktion infrastructure from cyber attacks. 

Industri-Automatik A/S is dedicated to safeguarding your systems against cyber threats and unauthorized access, ensuring your business maintains stable and secure operations. 

By collaborating and establishing robust interfaces between IT and OT-Security measures, your company can achieve overall strengthened protection and avoid potential vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. 

Contact us for a customized security assessment and take the step towards  more secure production future

”Let us be your partner in ensuring efficient and secure production operations”.

Call us at +45 73 68 50 30 or send an e-mail to to secure protection for your company's operational systems and control systems. Alternatively, you can also use the contact form her here.

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