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​Weighing System

It is a craft to produce bricks, and Støjer Tegl (brick)​ has now combined this with modern technology.

Industri-Automatik A/S has integrated the new weighing module - SIWAREX WP341 into Støjer Tegls weighing system, ensuring a more homogeneous and precise blending of clay, enabling the production of bricks of the highest quality.

A blend of craftmanship and technology has created an automated production preocess that is more efficient and accurate than ever before.

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Strøjer Tegl - Assens

Production facility - soft mud bricks

Industri-Automatik A/S has in cooperation with Fr. Petersen Maskinfabrik upgradet and optimized the production plant at Strøjer Tegl (brick) to "State of the art"

Two DB18 Soft Mud machines in parallel producing approx. 14.000 bricks per hour, in an fully automated process which is handled by a Lenze servo system controlling 17 axis simultaneously.

Quality, stability and precision was the requirements for the new equipment. A total delivery of new control cabinets, complete electrical installation, PLC software and a SCADA system on top for control and visualization.

The capacity of the equipment has been raised with more than 14 percent.​

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Receiving Barn


"Better climate control, minimal noise and disturbance, along with optimal communication with the slaughterhouse database system."

These were the customer´s wishes when Industri-Automatik A/S and Invector were tasked with developing a new receiving barn for Danpo's poultry slaughterhouse in Års.

A reliable facility with a focus on data requirements and tracing necessary in the food industry. Complete control with a unique SCADA system on top.

Danish Crown - Blans

Wastewater Treatment Plant

A complete new wastewater treatment plant of the SRB type (Sequencing Batch Reactor).

With a focus on energy efficiency, stability, and user-friendliness, Industri-Automatik A/S delivered the entire package, including hardware, software and the overall SCADA system.​

​The Facility appears state-of-the-art and is a fully operational system that is continuously updated with the latest technology.

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Control of Plate Robot

The system manages plates in which the raw product is transported in and out of the ovens. 

Plate handling is carried out by a plate robot that picks up plates from a plate storage area and places them on the conveyor belt.

The requirement was for easier operation, enhanced safety, and simplified troubleshooting and maintenance. 

The solution includes modern touch panels where the operator makes selections, as well as a database for historical data. 

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Separation Plant

Complete control of a facility that manages the separation of "cuttings" (drilling mud) from oil drilling operations into solids, water and oil fractions.

During an oil drilling, drilling mud is used to lubricate the drill bit and after use, the mud is transported ashore in specialized containers.

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